The Turtle Creek Experience

Nestled in downtown Kerrville

Turtle Creek Olives & Vines resides in a building steeped in Kerrville history. Step into a space that evokes taste in every sense. Our Tasting room features rare and worldly wines, alongside our 100% Texas estate grown wines and artisanal extra virgin olive oil. Relax in a historic, stylish setting, and experience the world through wine.

Being a small family business, we are passionate about supporting other local businesses. Among our products you will find locally sourced products from across the Texas Hill Country as well as an array of unique artisanal items.

Turtle Creek Grapes Wine

Looking for an in-home or private wine tasting?

We have an elevated wine tasting experience of Turtle Creek wines. Comprised of leading professionals promoting food and wine education, we offer an innovating platform by taking the Turtle Creek winery experience to your office, vacation retreat or home. Our sommelier team offers a wide array of creative options, all custom designed to your group.  We come to your location with stemware, educational material and sommelier tested wines.

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