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Dan and Sue Schulse

Dan and Sue began the Turtle Creek Enterprise in March 2016, after traveling to Italy in 2013 and hiking through the fields, vineyards, olive groves and villages of Tuscany. The Italian scenery inspired them to have something similar in the Texas Hill Country; it was something that they could retire doing and pass down to their children.

For them, family is the nucleus, the heartbeat and pulse keeping them connected, and the reason they moved to Kerrville. Turtle Creek Olives and Vines and Turtle Creek Vineyard are businesses designed to promote agriculture and tourism in Kerr County, while also built on the principle that with ethical practices and hard work, success follows suit. Their hope is that their children will continue to be passionate about these adventures, as well.

In 2019, the Schulse Family opened a distinguished tasting room experience that works collectively with private property, Turtle Creek Vineyard, which is eight miles from the downtown tasting room. The vineyard is their private working farm, vineyard and winery production facility where all of the Turtle Creek products will be produced upon maturity of the vines and trees.

Dan and Sue Schulse-Owners
Schulse Family
Dan Schulse - Turtle Creek Olives & Vines

Turtle Creek Olives and Vines

Turtle Creek Olives and Vines historic building has stood grandly throughout the history of downtown Kerrville, housing many notable businesses that paved the path into the town’s identity.

Constructed by Alfred Giles and Captain Charles Schreiner in 1890, it served as a Masonic Lodge until 1927. After the Freemason’s moved, it housed Kerrville’s post office and general store under Florence Butt, mother to HEB store’s Howard E. and Charles Butt.

Following several other businesses that called the building home, longtime jeweler Dell Sheftall (owner of Sheftall’s in Austin and San Antonio) opened doors to Sheftall’s Jewelers in 2004 until his retirement in September 2017, where he then handed the keys to Dan and Sue Schulse.

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